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The weirdest workouts you can sign up for through ClassPass

Written by
Jennifer Picht

New Yorkers love weird stuff (i.e. the Soho shop that will turn you into an action figure, pizza rat wars, need we say more?), just as much as we love a good sweat sesh. So it makes sense that some of the best fitness and health clubs in New York cater to those who prefer the unusual. We scoured ClassPass for the strangest and downright peculiar workouts you can book right now. So if you’re itching for a bizarre way to get your sweaty on, here are our seven recommendations.

JumpLife (404 Broadway)

You probably begged your parents for a trampoline when you were a kid, and lost the fight. But you would have won the battle if your argument included, “But mom, I’ll burn a bazillion calories!” Consider the JumpDance class your redemption. Face it: Jumping on trampolines while using upper body weights in a club-like atmosphere sounds way more fun than your 45-minute turn on the treadmill.

SurfSET (64 E 4th St)

Ready to catch a wave, brah? It’s too late to hit the surf, but you can catch some air with SurfSET fitness. The classes combine the same benefits of spinning with the muscle benefits of TRX training and Bosu ball, with the added bonus of feeling like you’re surfing. Don’t worry, this is a shark-free zone.

Brooklyn Zoo (230 Bogart St, Brooklyn)

Remember when you and your bros used to Parkour real hard? Er, we reckon it’s still a thing, considering this Williamsburg training facility is all about it. If you want to be as fast and lithe as a monkey, take a Tricking class for strength training or opt for a Circus class, if you really want to let your freak show flag fly.

Aqua Studio (78 Franklin St)

Depending on your instructor, cycling can be pretty fun. Why not kick it up a notch and test your skills under water? (Gasp). Yep! You can experience what it’s like to ride a bike under four feet of H2O during this high-intensity class. Bonus: The salt water has natural healing properties, which means you totally won’t be sore the next day, right? Note: These workouts are gender-specific. 

The Monster Cycle (182 Lafayette St)

If you love to spin but want to barf every time your instructor tells you to, “peddle into the clouds filled with unicorns, fairies and big dreams,” than this studio is your sanctuary. Monster Cycle is for the edgy, badass health goth that just wants to work up sweat and rock out. There are two giant screens surrounding the room and the instructor blasts music videos synced up to your RPM driven ride.

Blood Sweat and Tease (131 W 72nd St)

There’s a comradely between women in New York, where respect is immediately given to any woman that is seen running around the city in stiletto heels. And we imagine the same rule applies to those who take the sexy Burlesque Bootcamp class, since they'll be kicking ass and burning calories in them. Fishnets are optional.

City Stompers (151 W 26th St)

If you enjoy tapping your feet to the sounds of the fiddle and the banjo, then you should learn how to create similar Southern Appalachian sounds with your own two feet. Give your tappers a chance and take a percussive dance class. FYI: City Stompers is New York City’s only clogging school.

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