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There are bedbugs on the subway

Written by
Ned Hepburn

Do you like the subway? Yes. Do you like bedbugs? No. Sadly, it looks like the two have met and are currently digging each other's company. Last Sunday, two N train subway cars were pulled off the tracks and sent to Coney Island to be fumigated after bed bugs were found on the train. A third N train car was pulled off the tracks just yesterday, after even more bed bugs were found. Thankfully, the New York Daily News reports that these bed bugs were found in areas the conductor uses and apparently not in the carriage at large…as far as we know. 

So what can we we call them now? Subway bugs? Subbugs? Trainbugs? Bug-LIRRs? What's to say they won't be taking taxis next, and taking management meetings in Midtown? Who's to say there won't be an HBO series come Fall 2016? At this rate of bug travelin'…there may very well be. 

UPDATE: GASP. SHOCK. HORROR. After a fourth car was recalled to be fumigated for bedbugs on Wednesday afternoon, the Transit Workers Union is asking the MTA to fumigate all N-line subway cars. Bedbugs were also found in the lockers of two subway workers and in the home of at least one subway conductor. However, officials are downplaying Bedbugfest 2K14. “With 6,300 subway cars, this is minor incident,” said MTA spokesperson Adam Lisberg. Perhaps Lisberg is working for the Bedbug Union? We'll keep you updated as this story creeps up your leg develops. 

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