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There will be a faster cheap way to get to LaGuardia Airport this fall

There will be a faster cheap way to get to LaGuardia Airport this fall
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/ct_barbarian

It makes little sense that the closest airport to Manhattan is also the most difficult to get to via public transportation. Perhaps that’s part of what makes LaGuardia seem like a “third world country” as Vice President Joe Biden once infamously said. And while the MTA can’t do anything to help upgrade the airport itself they are easing the burden of getting there with the introduction of a new “LaGuardia Limited” bus service.

The select bus service will depart from the Jackson Heights subway hub and follow the Q70 line, but the “LaGuardia Express” will run in a designated lane and have all fares collected prior to departure to expedite the trip. The service is launching in the fall and the MTA hopes it will significantly improve the travel time to LaGuardia for those connecting at Jackson Heights via bus or the 7, E, F, F, or R subway lines. 

[h/t NY Daily News]

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Joe R M

I live in Queens and refuse to use lga because it's so inaccessible! The bus lane will be ignored by everyone and you still only end up in Queens! At least the Q60 goes to Manhattan, although way uptown.

Robert L

Or another option is to take NJ Transit train direct from Penn Station right to Newark Airport. No buses involved.

Harvey W

@Robert L  It's not direct; you have to change for the AirTrain.  And unlike the Q70 or the JFK AirTrain which connect to subway lines that run through Manhattan, you have to start exactly at Penn Station for a one-transfer ride to Newark Liberty.  And for any of its three airports, New York is third-world compared to, say, Chicago or (OMG!) Cleveland, where the subway takes you directly to the airport.

Joe R M

Even JFK isn't a one seat ride, you have to get to Jamaica or Howard Beach and then you have to pay $5 to actually end up at the airport... But unless you need terminal 4,you'll have to get it and walk because the AirTrain dumps you across the street. At least a cab drops you at the right door and you're not trying to squeeze your luggage onto a crowded bus or train!