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These X-ray maps make NYC’s subway system way less confusing

Written by
Clayton Guse

New York City's 472 subway stations come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and navigating them can be a pretty miserable experience. The maze of transfer points, entrances, exits, platforms and turnstiles across the city can leave even the most grizzled commuter dizzy. While Google's recent rollout of subway platform maps has made the layouts of individual stations slightly more clear, fully comprehending the design of some of the city's more complicated stops is anything but easy. 

But all hope is not lost for NYC transit nerds who simply want to know the most efficient way to traverse stations across town. Local architect Candy Chan has taken up the monotonous task of providing an X-ray view of some of New York's trickiest subway stops. Her maps give a clear picture of some of the more complicated subway transfer points across the city, like this view of the underground walkway between the Times Square station and Port Authority:

Chan's drawings, titled "Project Subway NYC," aims to fill the void of three-dimensional representations of subway stations in New York. Granted, such maps are not widely available in most cities with robust subway systems, but given the complicated nature of platform layouts in New York, these drawings are a godsend. 

Check out more of Chan's maps below and her full body of work on her website.

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