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Google is starting to map out NYC’s subway platforms

Google Maps has changed the way that people navigate New York's streets. These days, when a tourist asks for directions, it's not uncommon to hear "Google it" in response. 

But when it comes to navigating NYC's underground, things get much, much trickier. Google has historically lacked maps of subway platforms and entrances, providing little to no help for anyone traveling through the city's 472 stations. 

It looks like that's about to change.

A Reddit user recently pointed out that Google Maps has started to show some subway station layouts, which will make any local transit nerd scream with joy. The feature has been in place in Japan for quite some time, but the new reports suggest that Google is stepping up its NYC transit maps in a big way. 

Screenshot: Imgur

In the recent years, Google started tracking restaurant crowds, and it has been working to improve its Street View feature by visualizing the interiors of airports and train stations in New York and beyond. This new update is much more useful, though. (How many times have you headed to an unknown subway station and been unable to find its entrance?)

"We're currently experimenting with different ways of showing underground transit stations in Japan and NYC," a Google representative said in an email. "[We] will determine whether that experience will roll out more broadly in the future."

Keep an eye out for the new feature to be rolled out on your phone or desktop—it could end up saving you a lot of time and frustration.