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This little pig in an NYPD vest is the city's most adorable illegal resident

By Clayton Guse

On Wednesday afternoon, New Yorkers across the city and social media gushed over an insanely cute little pig donning an NYPD vest outside of the SoHo Apple Store. The tiny mammal caught the attention of a pair of police officers on patrol, who were then captured in a photo that's perhaps the most adorable thing that's been discovered in Manhattan since that hug-loving golden retriever named Loubie.

While New York City's health code strictly bans housing a pig in one's apartment (and all even-toed ungulates for that matter), it's perfectly legal to walk one down the street. In 2013, a bill was introduced into the New York State Legislature that would allow for people statewide to own and harbor pigs weighing less than 200 pounds in their homes, but it has yet to pass and is showing no signs of doing so. While it isn't the job of the NYPD to enforce the pig ban, if the health department catches wind of this little piggy's whereabouts they could swoop in and force its owners to get rid of it, as well as pay a fine. 

So if this little New Porker is making you consider getting a pig of your own, know that you'd be breaking the law if you do so. But if you find yourself a widdle piggy as adorable as this one, it's probably worth it. 


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