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This Manhattan bar literally baptizes its regulars in beer

Written by
Hannah Streck

Becoming a regular at a Manhattan bar is no easy feat. With so many options in every borough, how does a Gothamite go about picking a go-to watering hole? Having a place where everyone knows your name (and drink order before you walk in the door), is the mark of a true New Yorker.

One bar is now celebrating/inducting it’s regulars in a booze-themed ceremony.

Look Ma, I graduated! - Join the Brew Crew: #CHIP

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Mel’s Burger Bar, has a special relationship with it’s regular attendees. Once you have had a glass of the 50 different types of beer’s that Mel’s has, you will be inducted into an elite group of Manhattan beer drinkers: Mel’s Brew Crew. A new member’s "beer baptism" has an inductee shotgun a Mel’s Beer, all while taking a beer shower. The crew currently has members ranging in age from 21 to mid-70s, but is always looking for more members to become a part of the drinking club.

One thing that is confirmed yet again: beer really is the drink that brings people together.

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