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Photograph: Kelsey Dubinsky

Walk inside the human kaleidoscope artwork in Times Square

Written by
Jennifer Picht

The next time you decide to brave the crowds in Times Square (and the dirty Elmos), take a moment to check out the landmark’s newest art installation.

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Yesterday, Cuban artist Rachel Valdés Camejo unveiled her walk-in human kaleidoscope titled The Beginning of the End. (It’s sounds very ominous, but it’s actually really cool). The interactive monument projects your reflection onto the walls—like a funhouse—and allows visitors to walk on a reflection of the sky beneath their feet. The artist asks folks to step inside and “reassess their perspective through this entirely different visual reality, including how they see themselves in the environment that surrounds them, and how that relationship changes as the reflections create new visual possibilities.”

We think that sounds pretty neat, but if the reflection of that guy who dresses up as Bane comes into view, then HELL no.

The sculpture is located on the Broadway Pedestrian Plaza between 46th and 47th Sts. 

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