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You can buy #PizzaRat merchandise now

Written by
Jennifer Picht


What a time to be alive, right? In case you’re late and haven’t seen the video of a very hungry rat dragging a slice of pizza onto the subway, you must watch it this instant.

We can all relate to Pizza Rat. So why not let it be known to the world by copping some thematic Pizza Rat merch? If you recently spent your hard-earned cash on Pope Francis-themed merchandise, these commemorative items will likely be up your alley. And I think we all know what the most popular costume of Halloween 2015 will be, you guys. 

1. DNAinfo reports that there is Pizza Rat: The Game, where you jump through the blocks using your spacebar to bring that 'za home.

2. NYC artist Trina Trachtenburg will be selling her rat ($80) and pizza slice ($20) plush dolls at Union Square this Friday.

3. There’s this very appropriate “Pizza Rat Is My Spirit Animal” T-shirt for sale.

Photograph: Courtesy

4. And this short-sleeve number.

Photograph: Courtesy

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