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You’ll actually look forward to doing your wash at this new laundromat cafe

Written by
Helen Dugan

Unless we're talking about "The One With the East German Laundry Detergent", pretty much everything about NYC laundromats is a pain. Spoiler alert: there are no cute Ross and Rachel moments to be had at my local spot, and I don't look nearly as good in sleeveless flannel. Instead, clothes get ruined by half-broken machines that eat what precious few quarters I can dig up; everything about the fluorescent lighting and blaring daytime TV is migraine-inducing. Not to mention all the monotonous waiting involved in a typical trip to do laundry: namely waiting for an open machine and waiting for each cycle to finish. 

However, it looks like the game is changing—at least in Brooklyn. At Celsious, a new eco-friendly laundromat coming to Williamsburg, you can expect new energy–efficient Electrolux washers, which not only save water but also text patrons when their wash is done. Celsious will also provide customers with free The Simply Co. three-ingredient detergent. While that promise already cuts back significantly on your wait time, it gets even better: Celsious is installing an organic bar with Caffe Vita coffee drinks and local Saraghina Bakery treats. It all kicks off when Celsious opens in Williamsburg in September, and it sounds too good to be true. At the very least it sounds too good to not be a hit with the hipsters of the 'burg, so get there early (or very late) to avoid crowds. 

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