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You’ll soon have four cat cafés to choose from in NYC

Written by
Tolly Wright

Gone are those dark days of yesteryear, when New Yorkers were given a taste of feline utopia with Purina’s Cat Café popup, only to see it close one week later. Today we can all feel like happy cats with pop-tart bodies riding high on a rainbow of hopes and dreams, because we now have multiple venues where we can both drink coffee and hang with purrfect furry companions. DNAinfo reports that yet another cat cafe, “Little Lions,”  is slated to open in Soho, which will bring the official count up to four. So go forth, and live everyday as if it is caturday at these spots:

Meow Parlour
Opened in December 2014 by the minds behind Macaron Parlour, this Lower East Side cat cove was the first permanent café in America. In order to ensure the cats are never overstressed by too many people, it works on a reservation basis ($4/30 minutes). If you happen to fall in love with one, all of the kitties are up for adoption. Before you come in, be sure to stop by the separate Meow Parlour Patisserie—the food and felines are kept apart for sanitary reasons—where you can pick up macarons, coffee and cat-shaped cookies. (46 Hester St)

Heavily influenced by the original Japanese cat cafés that inspired the trend (Koneko means “kitten” in Japanese), this new arrival to the kitty scene teamed up with Anjellicle Cats Rescue to help the cats that are in most need of a new home—those older or less friendly furballs that are slated to be euthanized. A reservation ($15/hour) to the cattery will put you in contact with these adoptable animals, and, while the weather is warm, you can also take advantage of the outdoor cat garden. (26 Clinton St)

The Cat’s Meow
Though only open through October 24, news of this pop-up got us hopped up like we were on catnip, as it’s the first one in Brooklyn. The Fort Greene spot is only $5 an hour to visit and has special treats for sale from Brooklyn Sweet Spot and Red Lantern Bicycle Cafe. The kitties can all be adopted for a $100 fee, which includes shots and spaying/neutering. (354 Myrtle Ave)

Little Lions
Though everything is still being finalized, we’re twitching our whiskers for this Soho spot. The adoptable little lions (and tabbies, calicos, etc.) will spend their days napping in the store front where cafe goers can pay an entrance fee (between $8-12) to visit, or just watch through the glass as they appreciate the cat-themed cookies and pastries. (38-40 Grand St)

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