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Zara’s cheaper sister brand just opened a pop-up in New York

Zara’s cheaper sister brand just opened a pop-up in New York
Photograph: Courtesy Evan Joseph Images

Ever heard of an affordable fashion brand called Bershka? If you haven’t, we don’t blame you—the retailer only just launched its online platform in the U.S. as of, like, yesterday. But judging from every fashion news site in the country, it’s a big freaking deal.

The even bigger news is that you can actually nab Bershka’s trendy designs IRL at its temporary pop-up located in Soho (580 Broadway) from now until the end of the year.

A little backstory for you: Bershka (a more sophisticated Forever 21) is owned by a company called Inditex which also maintains several other fashion retailers including the ever-popular Zara. But unlike Zara, this brand’s price points are a bit cheaper. (Score!)

If you want to boost your fall wardrobe, both men and women should check out the Soho shop for jackets ($30 to $150), blazers ($50 to $70), dresses ($16 to $70), jeans ($20 to $60), shoes ($20 to $85) and more for well under the $200 range. We don't need another excuse to shop, but hell, we'll take it. 

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Another fast fashion store. It's worth thinking about where and how these cheap clothes are made, and at what human and environmental cost. Buy better quality that lasts longer, and buy less.