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Hot young adult books battle for your amusement

With Divergent and like-minded fiction series arriving in movie theaters, we make the franchises battle to the death for the title of the next Hunger Games

All dystopian young-adult books—that is, everything that’s not John Green or a Twilight rip-off—are inevitably given the title of “the next Hunger Games” by their fans or their publishers. Not satisfied to let Divergent and every other title with a movie deal make it to the silver screen without adding our two cents, Time Out New York’s critics did some reading. We took on some of the best recent representatives and let them fight it out, Hunger Games–style, to see which young-adult books could survive a free-for-all brawl. Mouse over the covers to find out which series deserves to reach the cornucopia represented by the Hunger Games franchise below.

As we are adults, and imagine you might be too, we read these books with adult sensibilities and didn’t pull punches. That’s to say, if you’re 14 and reading this, don’t listen to we hardened cynics. Just start reading.