Karaoke Killed the Cat

Karaoke Killed the Cat at Union Hall
No cats will be harmed in the making of this incredibly fun—and sadly final—evening of Karaoke Killed the Cat at Union Hall. The long-running and much-loved brainchild of Chris Goldteeth and Lord Easy bows out after tonight’s (presumably) blowout session of singing, dancing and booty-droppin’. Not a singer? No worries. Even wallflowers are going to have a ton to gawk at: Previous sessions have ended with partygoers covered in fake blood and glitter. It promises to be a real Viking funeral of a night that has been going strong since 2003. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry and at least one guy will bravely attempt “Man in the Mirror” after too much liquor.


Event website: http://unionhallny.com
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