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Minimix: Marc Romboy and Ken Ishii's Taiyo

Marc Romboy gives us a taste of his new album with Japanese techno godfather Ken Ishii.

Marc Romboy

Good news: Systemic Recordingsl's head honcho Marc Romboy is jetting in from Germany tomorrow, February 23, to play at the Re-Konstrukt Angency's launch party. Double good news: Taiyo, a collaborative album with Japanese techno kingpin Ken Ishii with grooves ranging from deep and bumping to tough and bleepy, has just been released on Systemic, and it's killer. Triple good news: Here's a minimix of the album's tracks, put together by Romboy himself!

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The Re-Konstrukt Agency Launch Party, featuring Marc Romboy, is on Saturday, February 23.

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House hero Kerri Chandler spins a rare Gotham set at Cielo. Not many deep-house producers have a sound as distinct as New Jersey’s Kerri Chandler; his muscular basslines, dopamine-activating chord progressions and, most of all, badass kick drums stand out in a genre that can sometimes seem a bit monotone. He’s been working his unique style since the late ’80s, but Chandler’s star is as bright as ever, as evidenced by his constant gigging in Europe’s clubs and festivals, including a residency at Ibiza’s famed Circoloco party. He rarely spins in NYC anymore—but on Thursday, February 28, the venerable Nervous label has snagged the dance-music icon for an intimate session at Cielo. RECOMMENDED: More DJ mixes from the world's top spinnersTime Out New York: You grew up in New Jersey. How much influence did [seminal Newark club] Zanzibar and its resident, Tony Humphries, have on your development?Kerri Chandler: Oh, lots. We were all going there when we were teenagers…younger than that, even. It had a huge influence. I was already deejaying, playing at this place around the corner called Club America, and we would run over to Zanzibar when my club was done for the night. The same guy owned both clubs. We would get there around 11 o’clock in the morning, listen to Tony until he was done, and then finally head home.Time Out New York: You started releasing music not long after that time, in 1989—and even on your debut release, the Super Lover EP, the Kerri Chandler sound was pretty dist

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DJ mix: D'Julz

French vet D'Julz delivers a set of housed-up deepness. Happy happy joy joy (at least for house-music freaks)—the French clubland vet Julien Veniel, better known as D'Julz, is coming go town on Saturday, Feb 23, to spin on the all-new Williamsburg club Output's massive sound system. We were lucky enough to have caught D'Julz in his natural environment (the Rex Club in Paris) a few years back, and it was a wondrous night of straight-up four-to-the-floor hotness. So is this more recent set recorded live at the Rex—give it a listen and then check out the fab DJ himself this weekend. And then, search down his bumping new EP, Special Day, just released on Parisian label Circus Company. You may also like Review: Pantha Du Prince and the Bell Laboratory Pantha Du Prince joins forces with a brigade of bells. Bells: They can make for the most magical of musical ornamentation, their gliding chimes, airy jingles and graceful peals signifying a blissful trip through heaven’s gate on one’s way toward the astral plane. On the other hand, their singular sound can end up as the lead character in a portentous piece of grandiosity like Mike Oldfield’s 1973 opus, Tubular Bells. But electronic-music producer Pantha Du Prince—the musical alias of Hendrik Weber, the German maker of sometimes-deep, sometimes-tough, sometimes-odd but always-wonderful house and techno—has a bit of experience with bells; his 2010 album, Black Noise, was brimming with ringers. That record contained some of the lovelie

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DJ Mix: Robert Babicz

Check this choice mix of electronic house from the German vet. Cologne, Germany's Robert Babicz isn't playing anywhere in the near future—in fact, he hasn't played here in several years, unless he came here during one of those weeks when the Clubs section was passed out from too much Oxycontin and vodka. So why are we running a Babicz mix this week? The answer is twofold. First, it's simply a great mix, taking in everything from creamy Charles Webster--style electronic house to jacking acid (which makes sense, given that two of Babicz's many musical monikers are Rob Acid and Acid Warrior). Second, we're hoping some club or promoter will listen to this mix and bring the dude to Gotham!RECOMMENDED: More DJ mixes from the world's top spinners You might also like DJ mix: D'Julz French vet D'Julz delivers a set of housed-up deepness. Interview and DJ mix: Kerri Chandler House hero Kerri Chandler spins a rare Gotham set at Cielo. DJ mix and video: James Zabiela The tech-house superstar warms us up for his set at Marquee. DJ mix: The Trash! party's DJ Jess On the eve of his Trash! shindig's eleventh anniversary, Jess lays down an exclusive mix. Featured DJ mixes Interview and DJ mix: Ben UFO Hessle Audio's Ben UFO plays at Mister Saturday Night and mixes the latest FabricLive compilation. DJ mix: Gilles Peterson The beloved London spinner hits NYC for the first time in over a year. DJ mix: Jus-Ed The veteran deep-tech DJ, producer and head of the Underground Quality label. DJ mix

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Cielo finishes off its tenth-birthday fun with a fantastic 4/4 fiesta. Cielo’s weeks-long tenth-anniversary celebration included plenty of great nights, with parties featuring the likes of Horse Meat Disco, Wolf + Lamb and Soul Clap, the Martinez Brothers and other stars of the house, techno and disco scenes. But the ever-youthful club may have saved the best for last: The final party of the series, tossed in conjunction with the venerable Nervous label, featured Norway’s world-conquering Todd Terje and New York City deck icon Danny Krivit on the wheels of steel, with Walker & Royce opening—and it was a killer party, with a great selection of house, disco and boogie keeping the dance floor packed all night long. Follow Bruce Tantum on Twitter: @BruceTantum You might also like Interview: Cielo's Nicolas Matar Cielo's head honcho talks about the venerable club's past, present and future. Cielo is ten years old, which by our calculations is 70 in nightlife years. And it still looks so pretty! One of the top boîtes of the city, the country and the world (it’s been on a bevy of “best clubs” lists over the years), the Meapacking District spot is in the midst of weeks-long anniversary celebration—but head honcho Nicolas Matar still had time to chat about Cielo’s past, present and future. Time Out New York: It was about 11 years ago when we were standing together in an empty concrete room, the space that was to become Cielo. Are you surprised that we are still talking about that ro

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