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Punderdome 3000
Photograph: Paul LogstonPunderdome 3000

Time Out says

The pun, that most democratic of jokes: At its best, it’s sublimely satisfying to the reptilian part of our brains that loves easy comedy. At its worst, it produces a groan so gut-deep, it’s almost as good as a belly laugh. The form is mined for all it’s worth at this monthly tournament, hosted by Rodney Dangerfield impersonator Fred Firestone and his daughter, Jo. The first 18 word slingers (individuals or duos) to register at 7:30pm get a chance to face off, crafting puns on the fly in categories such as “the MTA” or “child stars.” A Human Clap-o-Meter measures audience response, and the funniest punsmith wins…a random kitchen appliance. Think of it as a rap battle, only much nerdier.


Event website:
$7, advance $6
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