The Pink Room: Mulholland Drive Burlesque

The Pink Room is back to pay tribute to the oeuvre of David Lynch—specifically, on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, that kooky Mulholland Drive flickthrough burlesque and variety-show performances. The night sees onstage turns by Boots LaMae, Fem Appeal, Franny Fluffer, Gemini Rising, Iris Explosion, Nasty Canasta, Satanica, Sizzle Dizzle, Tansy Tan Dora and Victoria Privates, and go-go dancing from Foxy Vermouth and Dr. Flux; your host for the evening is Epic Win Burlesque's Schäffer the Darklord. The night kicks off with another edition of Franny's Flicks, a set of cinema-inspired (non-Lynch) burlesque acts, with this edition paying tribute to that teen-pregnancy classic Juno.