Dr. Alex Schiller, Roslyn Hart
Photograph: Courtesy Federica Di Lorenzo

Sex tips from Never Sleep Alone's Dr. Alex Schiller

Author and Never Sleep Alone host Dr. Alex Schiller (comedian Roslyn Hart) turns up your sex life


Meet Dr. Alex Schiller, the mad sexual-genius alter ego of immersive performer Roslyn Hart. At Schiller’s beloved show Never Sleep Alone—which has an accompanying book, blog and wild after-party—the preacher of liberated singledom and her band call you onstage, give you the chance to kiss strangers, and open your mind (and bed) to new sexual possibilities. Before NSA hits Joe’s Pub for its hilarious monthly comedy show, the stage mastermind helps you go from Undateable to untouchable. 

What do you say to a reluctant first-time NSA participant?
What the hell are you afraid of? NSA isn’t some Tijuana sex show. It’s a wildly funny and sophisticated spectacular where you’ll make new friends, learn new skills and have 50 first dates in 50 minutes or less. Dress the fuck up, get over yourself, and get ready to get under whoever the hell you want.

You’ve been preaching your NSA Gospel around the world since 2011. What sets an NYC NSA show apart from other cities?
Since Joe’s Pub was the birthplace of the NSA Movement, usually half the audience has seen the show and read my book. Look for the best-dressed people to find members of the NSA Community. They'll welcome you with free drinks, lively conversation and Mind Blowing Orgasms. (MBO= Mind Blowing Orgasm. Never Sleep Alone is available online in English, German, Japanese and Czech).

What’s the most outrageous thing you’ve witnessed onstage?
A couple who had met at my show a year prior came onstage to be part of the How to Start an Orgy segment. She was nine months pregnant and went into labor onstage.

I’m someone who gets exhausted by one-night stands. How do I pick myself up again and give this a shot?
Remember the NSA principle of C=FML: Chemistry equals fate minus logic. Stop thinking of the dating landscape as a barren dessert and desperately searching for one tiny oasis. Think of it as a world of endless gardens in which you can eat everything; if something grosses you out, just move on to another garden and circle back in a few months to see if your taste buds have changed.

How would you describe an NSA after-party? I definitely got a lap-dance from a sexagenarian.
High concentration of hot singles, palpable sexual energy and tons of curious strangers who were not at the show. Keep your mask around your neck and you’ll have an instant conversation starter. (Yes, there are masks involved in the show. And condoms.)

Rumor has it you may be making your television debut soon?
I’m actually developing a reality TV show with Graham Wiggins, current Executive Producer on “My Cat From Hell”. It's a perfect fit since most single New Yorkers behave like psycho cats in heat and I have to take extreme measures to transform them into desirable companions.

I’ve heard one of your methods is “the Shock Collar.” Explain.
It’s a fashionable necklace that delivers an electric shock if your voice goes above a certain pitch. Like dogs, heterosexual men have an instinctual response to the female voice. When a woman speaks in a loud, high-pitched voice, his impulse is to run away, bite her or pee on the floor. But when she speaks in a low-pitched soft voice, it makes him want to obey her commands and lick her all over.

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Outrageous character actor and cabaret comic Roslyn Hart inhabits her alter ego, "sexual psychologist" Dr. Alex Schiller in this interactive bash. The doctor’s goal: getting the audience in the mood with a few choice tunes and making sure all of the single people in the audience hook up. Make sure you've made your bed before heading to Joe's Pub, as you're likely to bring a new friend from this show home with you.
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