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New York museum admission buttons: Cool facts about five tabs

Find out the stories behind admission buttons from New York museums like the Met and the Brooklyn Museum.

 (Photograph: Noffar Gat)
Photograph: Noffar Gat

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 (Photograph: Virginia Rollison)
Photograph: Virginia Rollison

The Museum of the City of New York

Although MCNY will likely change its tabs soon, for the time being they come in seven different colors—one for each day of the week.

 (Photograph: Virginia Rollison)
Photograph: Virginia Rollison

The Met

The Met began distributing its colorful metal buttons to visitors in 1971; before that, tickets were used to secure admission.

 (Photograph: Virginia Rollison)
Photograph: Virginia Rollison

Brooklyn Museum

This tag was created to mark the museum’s name change in 2004—it went from “the Brooklyn Museum of Art” to its original, shorter moniker.

 (Photograph: Virginia Rollison)
Photograph: Virginia Rollison

The Museum of Art & Design

The logo’s rounded lettering is inspired by the museum’s location at Columbus Circle, which interrupts the linear grid of Manhattan.

 (Photograph: Virginia Rollison)
Photograph: Virginia Rollison

The Morgan Library

To recognize the library’s collection of Renaissance manuscripts, the font used, Dante, is based on 15th-century Venetian designs.

New York museum admission buttons aren’t just used to gain entry to institutions—for many, they become souvenirs from these New York attractions. Here, you’ll find cool trivia about six of these admission tabs, including ones from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Brooklyn Museum.

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