Exclusive: Rooftop Cinema Club announces outdoor NYC screenings

There's no better place to watch classics, sip cocktails and take in a gorgeous sunset than at New York City's hottest outdoor film series
Rooftop Cinema Club
Photograph: Courtesy RCC
By Joshua Rothkopf |

Films go down better with cocktails—you know this to be true. And the whole experience is even sweeter when you can take in a city view sunset. Rooftop Cinema Club has perfected the night out at the movies, and we’re delighted to exclusively announce its third annual edition of seasonal movie screenings.

Expect popcorn, wireless headphones (a Rooftop Cinema Club speciality) and comfy seating. They do have a special offer: A general-admission ticket that includes a bottomless box of popcorn for just $3 extra. And the films they’ve selected are top-notch, from recent Oscar winners to the classics.

Note: Movies that are crossed off are sold out.

Mon Sept 10: City of God at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Tues Sept 11: The Breakfast Club at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Tue Sept 11: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off at 9:40pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Wed Sept 12: The Princess Bride at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Wed Sept 12: Labyrinth at 9:30pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Thu Sept 13: Casablanca at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Thu Sept 13: Mean Girls at 9:40pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Fri Sept 14: Beverly Hills Cop at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Fri Sept 14: Coming to America at 9:40pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sat Sept 15: Big at 7:45pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sat Sept 15: I, Tonya at 7:45pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sun Sept 16: Pulp Fiction at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Tue Sept 18: Some Like It Hot at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Tue Sept 18: A Quiet Place at 9:50pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Wed Sept 19: Breakfast at Tiffany’s at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Wed Sept 19: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy at 9:45pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Thu Sept 20: The Goonies at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Thu Sept 20: E.T. The Extraterrestrial at 9:45pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Fri Sept 21: Kingpin at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Fri Sept 21: The Big Lebowski at 9:45pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sat Sept 22: Mamma Mia! at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sat Sept 22: The Devil Wears Prada at 9:45pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sun Sept 23: The Godfather at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Mon Sept 24: Dirty Dancing at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Tue Sept 25: Black Panther at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Tue Sept 25: Lady Bird at 10:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Wed Sept 26: The Lost Boys at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Wed Sept 26: Baby Driver at 9:20pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Thu Sept 27: Pretty Woman at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Thu Sept 27: The Florida Project at 9:50pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Fri Sept 28: The Great Showman at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Fri Sept 28: Grease at 9:40pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sat Sept 29: Back to the Future at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sat Sept 29: Back to the Future Part II at 9:50pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sun Sept 30: The Bodyguard at 7:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Tues Oct 2: 10 Things I Hate About You at 7:15pm, Skylawn (Manhattan)

Tues Oct 2: Punch-Drunk Love at 10:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Wed Oct 3: America Psycho at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Wed Oct 3: Little Shop of Horrors at 10:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Thu Oct 4: Waiting for Guffman at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Thu Oct 4: The Neverending Story at 10:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Fri Oct 5: Chicago at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Fri Oct 5: Sister Act at 10:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Tues Oct 9: The Greatest Showman at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Tues Oct 9: Top Gun at 10:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Wed Oct 10: Shaft at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Wed Oct 10: The Karate Kid at 10:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Thu Oct 11: Hocus Pocus at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Thu Oct 11: The Witches at 10:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sat Oct 13: Jurassic Park at 7:15pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)

Sat Oct 13: Days of Thunder at 10:00pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan) 

Sun Oct 14: A League of Their Own at 7:30pm, SkyLawn (Manhattan)


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