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NYC red flags
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10 red flags to watch out for when dating in NYC

From standing in the middle of the sidewalk to judging someone based on their neighborhood.

Shaye Weaver
Written by
Shaye Weaver

Dating in NYC is its own brand of crazy. 

When you’re not fielding weird profiles on the dating apps or going out to packed bars with friends to meet someone, you have to put up with ghosting or soft-launching and it’s all complicated by stressful New York City living.

We polled our readers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to find out their biggest New York City-specific red flags when it comes to dating and received many! Take a look below for our favorite responses, which include absolute no’s like standing in the middle of the sidewalk to annoying habits such as judging someone based on their neighborhood.

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1. When they stand in the middle of the sidewalk

Have they learned nothing since moving here? If there’s one no-no it’s this—the bane of all New Yorkers’ existence. Like true New Yorkers, we’ll move on and leave them behind.

2. They never have and never will take the subway

They don’t take public transit ever because they don’t have to and that’s a personality defect here. Taking a private car or Uber everywhere isn’t living the New York City lifestyle. They think they’re above that and it’s not a good look. (We’re obviously not talking about those worried about their safety.)

3. Suggesting a chain restaurant for a dinner date

Seriously? With all the incredible restaurants in NYC and they want to go to the Olive Garden unironically? 

4. They root against New York teams

Where is their New York pride?

5. When they say they are “bi-coastal”

It’s one or the other. Saying they’re both shows a lack of commitment and, honestly, a split personality. Also, if they’re spending half the year in California, what will a relationship look like?

6. They don’t have an NYC library card

They don’t have to use it. They just need to have one. It essentially makes you a card-carrying New Yorker.

7. They want the first date to take place at a hotel bar in Soho

Not only is that extremely forward but it’s far.

8. They don’t leave their neighborhood

New York City is five boroughs and about 250 neighborhoods. If they can’t leave their neighborhood it’s just not going to work out. There’s too much city to explore.

9. Their personality is based on or they judge someone based on their neighborhood

Judging someone based on where they live is a big red flag because it means they’re prejudiced and if they are Williamsburg in the flesh, it’s time to move on like the rest of the city has.

10. They haven’t done the iconic but basic NYC things

How can they call themselves a New Yorker if they haven’t gone to the Met Museum or ice skating at the Bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park? Living here means taking advantage of the city’s best experiences, so if they haven’t done that there’s something wrong.

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