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Bike Lane In NYC on First Avenue
Courtesy CC/Flickr/pacecharging

250 more miles of bike lanes are coming to New York

Adam Goldman

Do you bike around New York? I think that's a crazy thing to do, but apparently people do it! I mean it could be worse, at least you're not scootering, but what's the point? Exercise? Why don't you just take the subway and get stranded under ground for 76 minutes at a time like the rest of us?

OK, sorry, anyway, if you love biking around New York, good news! Mayor De Blasio has signed into law the STREET MASTER PLAN, caps mine because it sounds like something from He-Man. The $1.7 billion plan will require the city to to build 250 miles of protected bike lanes, and an additional 150 miles of protected bus lanes, over the next five years.

There's some debate over whether the plan will increase traffic and make parking more difficult, but maybe that's... exactly what the plan is for? Advocates of the overhaul are pretty up-front about the fact that the plan's goal is to make the city more friendly for people who don't drive. And that, ultimately, is better for the city and the planet, so... sorry about your parking problems but deal with it!

While we wait for the protected lanes to pop up, please do remember to be careful. I don't have time to cluck anxiously at everyone who doesn't wear a helmet.


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