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Airplane bar
Photograph: ShutterstockA more modern airplane bar

A 1950s airplane is turning into a vintage-style cocktail bar at JFK

Written by
Alyson Penn

Aside from quelling nerves on a flight, you normally don't want to drink the cocktails onboard a plane. There are a million things that could go wrong: turbulence, nausea, embarrassing heart-to-hearts with your creepy neighbor. 

Now, the upcoming, 1960s-style TWA Hotel at JFK is taking all the bad parts of drinking while flying out of the equation. According to the Associated Press via ABC News, you will soon be able to drink out of a vintage airplane right on the hotel's property at terminal 5.

The Lockheed Constellation, known as the "Connie," was a commercial jet that was built in 1956. As only one of four of its kind remaining, it had various roles throughout its tenure (including running marijuana through South America) before it was brought to Maine in the 1980s in hopes of restoring it.

Now, the plane has started its grounded journey from New England down to JFK on the back of a tow truck.

The details for what will kind of drinks will be served on-board and what the interior design will look like currently remain scarce, but we know this is at least one flight at JFK that won't be delayed.

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