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A new interactive map lets you explore every NYC restaurant’s health inspection grade

Written by
Jake Cohen

While we can’t see everything that goes on behind the closed doors of a kitchen, we often pretend everything is squeaky clean and up to code. Luckily for us, one website is making the restaurant industry a little more transparent. The data and technology company Enigma recently released Food For Thought, a site that aggregates every NYC restaurant health grade and consumer restaurant rating from the New York City Department of Health into a one interactive map that you can peruse before you lock in that dinner reservation. That means you can see which of your neighborhood haunts are the cleanest and which you should consider not revisiting.

The DOH grades restaurants on a letter scale (A, B, C) based on the number of violation points a restaurant receives. The lower the score, the fewer the health violations (A has 0-13, B has 14-27, and C has over 28). But what the hell did the restaurant get those points for?!? While restaurants are required to post their health grades, the details and information provided is minimal. But you can get all the dirty details through Food for Thought. Updated daily, the site highlights the most recent inspection data for every restaurant from the DOH, including highlights of critical violations (these are the serious issues that could result in someone getting food poisoning, like serving oysters purchased from a sketchy unapproved vendor, the chef not washing their hands after leaving the bathroom, having rats running around the kitchen or leaving that pot of lobster bisque to cool on the counter for 7 hours).

The mobile-friendly map can be filtered by cuisine, health violation or neighborhood to show the most recently inspected restaurants. You can also search for specific restaurants you frequent often and either be impressed or horrified by what comes up. Either way, the team at Food For Thought hopes the site helps prevent a few less cases of food poisoning in NYC by making the public aware of some of the health violations restaurants have been clocked for, putting their diners at risk. We’re definitely bookmarking this page to check before we head out to any spot in the city.

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