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You know who I am
Photograph: Timothy Schenck, courtesy of the High Line

A replica of the Statue of Liberty wearing a cartoon mask is now on the High Line

The mask worn by the bronze replica will change every two months.

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

If you're planning on walking the High Line in the upcoming months, don't miss a new large-scale bronze replica of our very own Statue of Liberty wearing a cartoonish mask. It's taken up residence inside the public park at 16th Street.

"You know who I am" is the work of artist Paola Pivi, as commissioned by High Line Art and it will stay put through March 2023. 

The mask donned by the 23-feet-high sculpture will change every two months. "The six emoji-inspired masks are playful and colorful, contrasting the streamlined, lighthearted portraiture of personalized digital cartoons with the staid monumentality of the statue," reads an official press release. "Each mask represents an individual whose experience of freedom is connected to the United States, offering the sentiment that anyone could be represented within the symbol of the statue."

The stories behind each mask—including one inspired by Pivi's own son—will be explored on the High Line's website.

To create the striking work, the artist actually worked with a historic plaster cast of the original bronze model that was created by Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi, now on view at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris.

Interestingly enough, the real Lady Liberty in the New York Harbor is completely visible from where the replica has been installed—so feel free to compare the two works of art while on premise.

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