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A super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse will be visible from NYC on Sunday

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

If the very wintry forecast for this weekend seems a bit ominous to you, this next little bit of astrological news probably isn’t gonna make you feel much better.

Due to a striking celestial confluence, New Yorkers will witness a super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse this weekend. Haha ha ha…. Those descriptors could make anything sound horrifying! Excuse me while I settle into my comfy super blood wolf chair and take a sip from my beloved super blood wolf mug. See? Now I’m a ghoul with a 9-to-5.

How exactly did Sunday night’s moon earn this dubious distinction? Well, on the night of January 20th, the moon will be at its closest point to Earth in its orbit, looming large in the sky as a supermoon. A lunar eclipse will be taking place as the Earth moves between the sun and the moon giving the moon a fabulous “Blood Moon Red” glow (Looking good!). Lastly, the first full moon of the year is traditionally known as a “wolf moon.” As Pocahontas once sang (sort of), have you ever heard the wolf cry to it’s own super blood lunar eclipse moon? If you haven’t, you might soon!

The eclipse on Sunday night is expected to last for three and a half hours and will begin at 9:36pm. According to NASA, the absolute best time to view the moon will be at 12:12am on Monday, the exact moment of the greatest eclipse (though totality begins just before midnight). By 2:48am, our goth moon will be gone.

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