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Photograph: Cameron Blaylock for DBP

A super-cool and free "drive-in movie theater" is opening in downtown Brooklyn today

The public art installation is called 'Drive-Thru.'

Anna Rahmanan
Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Drive-Thru might be the coolest thing to check out around town this weekend. Billed as a "drive-in movie theater," Drive Thru is actually a free public arts installation aimed at pedestrians that will showcase a rotating selection of films by eight different local artists exploring unique perspectives on city life.

Photograph: Cameron Blaylock for DBP

You'll find the outdoor theater at the Plaza at 300 Ashland through April 14.

Organized and curated by the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership and the Van Alen Institute and designed by Soft-Firm, the project aims to "connect communities through thought-provoking visual media," reads an official press release. 

In addition to highlighting films dissecting the immigrant experience, the current status of minorities in the country, the ecological impacts of urban life and more, the destination will also host a slew of live performances. 

Photograph: Cameron Blaylock for DBP

The various videos will be projected on two 13.5’ x 7.5’ screens that rotate around a pivot at the center of a 30’ circular wooden platform and also function as the outer walls of two wedge-shaped open-air spaces. The design is meant to nod to the urban infrastructure and the landmarks that take up residence in the surrounding area as well. "By incorporating light through rear projection, Drive-Thru serves as a cinema for pedestrians and is visible from the highly utilized intersection of Flatbush and Lafayette Avenues," reads the official press release.

The Plaza at Ashland has actually been serving as a hub for all things art since 2017. All year round, New Yorkers are treated to concerts, live performances, fitness classes, screening, readings and more. Consider it an outdoor community space of sorts. 

Photograph: Cameron Blaylock for DBP

Below, check out the film and performance schedule that will be produced at Drive-Thru in the upcoming months.

February 17 - February 23 

Ali Santana: Community: Rhythm / Movement / Joy (2022)

February 23 at 5:30-6:30pm

Live performance: Senegalese Taneber Sunu Birr (Drum and Dance Circle) 

February 24 - March 2 

Nicholas Fraser: Follow/Unfollow 

March 2 - March 8 

Simon Benjamin: Errantry (2021)

March 9 - March 15

Luna X Moya: What the Pier Gave Us (2021)

March 16 - March 23 

Olalekan Jeyifous: The Frozen Neighborhoods (Fly-through) (2021)

March 25 - March 30

Tanika I. Williams: (construct)Clearing (2021) and Sanctuary (2021)

March 31 - April 5 

Series of shorts by Ezra Wube: Flatbushtopia (2017), Bridge Street (2015), At the Same Moment (2013), Words of Wisdom (2016)

April 6 - April 13 

 Aisha Amin: Choir (2020) and Friday (2019)

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