A superhero-themed dessert shop just opened by Astor Place

Cookies and ice cream sandwiches for all!

Anna Rahmanan
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Anna Rahmanan
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Captain Cookie & the Milkman
Photograph: Courtesy of Captain Cookie & the Milkman

A staple of the Washington, D.C. food scene, Captain Cookie & the Milkman is a superhero-themed cookie and ice cream shop that just opened its first New York location at 741 Broadway, smack-dab in the middle of the New York University campus right by Astor Place.

Sweet tooths can expect a rotating menu of homemade cookies, made-to-order ice cream sandwiches and farm-fresh local ice cream and milk at the new venue, which is operated by Neil Hershman. The 27-year-old entrepreneur already runs seven other dessert destinations across New York, including the first ever Dippin' Dots store, which settled in town last year.

Decor-wise, expect a giant illustration of, well, Captain Cookie, to take over an entire wall (yes, he readily resembles Superman). The superhero will watch over you while you revel in a whole lot of cookies—from funfetti to double chocolate, ginger molasses, snickerdoodle and more. We also urge you to try the shop's delicious ice cream sandwiches. 

"When people walk into this store, it’s truly a 'Wow!' moment with our playful superhero-themed décor," said Hereshman in an official statement. "But, even more, when New Yorkers taste the cookies, I know they are going to be just as hooked as I was from the first bite." 

Luckily, craving delicious cookies may be our superpower.

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