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Blue Ribbon shoved fried chicken, hot dog and fries into an incredibly unhealthy sandwich

Written by
Jake Cohen

Every June, we try to funnel in all the summer eats we can, which means beach-side hot dogs, fried chicken and as many fries as we can stomach. Luckily, Blue Ribbon Fried Chicken took all of those things and shoved it into their Beach Bird sandwich, which returns this year for the month of June. Inspired by all the classic fare from Coney Island, this massive sando packs it in for an over-the-top taste of summer.

Blue Ribbon’s fried chicken is layered with shredded iceberg lettuce, tomato, pickled cucumbers and brown mustard, and topped with a grilled beef hot dog and french fries before getting hit with a drizzle of malt vinegar and sea salt. We got our hands on a few of this giants to see if they taste as summer-y as they sound and all we can say is: It’s a lot of sandwich.

There is a reason all these components are typically kept separately. Each one is a powerhouse of richness that can stand on its own, but when you stack them all together in a bun, they begin to clash. The splash of tangy malt vinegar gives a little reprieve to the extremely decadent creation, but you better go in knowing that your bikini bod is not a priority this year.

If you want to get your hands on one, the Beach Bird is available at both the East Village and the Hell’s Kitchen location for $9.25 throughout the month of June.

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