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Celebrate 4/20 with free ramen noodles for breakfast

Cup Noodles is sponsoring munchies on 4/20.

Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner
Written by
Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

Planning a wake and bake on April 20th? Cup Noodles will be there for you.

A Cup Noodles Breakfast pop-up will celebrate the high holiday in Union Square Plaza. 

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Visit the corner of Union Square West and East 17th Street on Thursday, April 20th starting at 10:30am for a complimentary brunch munchie. 

And this isn't your standard microwave at the office Cup Noodles meal. This festive breakfast ramen is the first-ever ramen option for the most important meal of the day. Cup Noodles Breakfast mixes ramen with classic breakfast flavors including fluffy pancakes, sweet maple syrup and hearty sausage and eggs. And if you think that sounds vile, well, maybe get a second opinion at one of the city's many, many weed shops. 

"We know our products are a go-to meal any time of the day," said Priscila Stanton, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Nissin Foods USA. "Saucy, soup-based, spicy, sweet or savory, we even added rice to some, so by adding Cup Noodles Breakfast to our line-up we are truly feeding cravings around the clock - morning, noon, night or late night."

The shelf-stable Cup Noodles Breakfast is available for $1.18 at, so this is a pop-up you're visiting for the tasting, noshing and socializing experience, perhaps more so than the value of the free food. 

Be sure to check out Time Out's legal cannabis 101 for rule followers. And if you're still hungry after your cup of breakfast, hold out for Black Seed's free bacon, egg and cheese bagels the evening of 4/20 so you can make the holiday an all-day free food affair.

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