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Inner Dialogue
Photograph: Courtesy of Cavalier Galleries

Check out these three massive sculptures of real people by Grand Central Station

That giant man holding a small figure in his palm would be you talking to your subconscious.

Written by
Anna Rahmanan

Now through the end of December, everyday New Yorkers walking by Grand Central Station will be treated to three massive sculptures depicting... everyday New Yorkers. 

Part of New York City's Department of Transportation's Temporary Art Program—through which artists of all calibers can work on public art pieces that take up residence all around town for up to 11 months—the installation is the brainchild of artist Jim Rennert.

At over 6 feet tall each, the life-size works can be found at Pershing Square Plaza West, on Park Avenue between East 41st and East 42nd Streets—and that's not a random location. "Rennert’s works represent the meeting point between the business world and the everyday lives of ordinary people, similar to the way that Pershing Square represents the joining of the business and community aspects of landmark Grand Central Terminal’s neighborhood," reads an official press release about the installation.

Photograph: Courtesy of Cavalier Galleries

The giant humans call out to three specific "stages" of an average work day. Timing depicts a man anxiously looking at his watch. "From being at the right place at the right time to having the right opportunity, the importance of timing is essential," reads the press release.

Inner Dialogue
Photograph: Courtesy of Cavalier Galleries

While gazing at Inner Dialogue, perhaps our favorite piece of the series, you'll notice a small figure in the palm of the larger one's hand. Clearly a metaphor, it reminds of the subconscious conversations we have with ourselves while running around town each day. 

Photograph: Courtesy of Cavalier Galleries

Lastly, Listen "invites viewers to pause and reflect amidst the ever-changing and fast-paced world around them." 

"Taken together, these three concepts encapsulate the thoughts and feelings of anyone passing through the plaza, whether they’re late for an important meeting, contemplating their next big move, or just taking a break from it all," explains Rennert in an official statement. "When a visitor sees these pieces, they may very well see them as a kindred spirit doing exactly what they are doing. While not everyone wears a suit, I feel the themes transcend to everyone."

If there is one thing that this very odd and difficult year has taught us, it is that taking time to pause and reflect about our lives and routines is of utmost importance. Rennert's works will remind New Yorkers that  rushing into and out of Grand Central Station of just that.

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