Comedian Sabrina Brier reveals her favorite NYC neighborhoods, comedy clubs and more

Plus: where the TikTok star likes to shoot her social media content.

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Sabrina Brier
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Sabrina Brier, the 29-year-old actress and comedian behind the famously hilarious "That Friend Who" TikTok skits really loves New York.

"I think there is amazingness and beauty in every location in New York," she says to Time Out over the phone, recalling her move to the West Village in 2017 and her initial foray into entertainment by way of assistant gigs.

After gaining notoriety on TikTok posting skits playing self-involved, privileged characters, Brier landed a guest role on Steven Soderbergh's 2023 web series Command Z and on an episode of season three of the beloved sitcom Abbott Elementary.

While gearing up for the debut of her audiobook That Friend this winter, Brier opens up about her favorite restaurants and comedy clubs in New York, also musing on her go-to spots when it comes to shooting social media content.

On her favorite NYC neighborhoods

"The West Village was very formative for me as the first neighborhood I moved to in New York. I think it's magical," says Brier, also mentioning Soho. "I used to [run around] Soho as an assistant so I have a lot of memories."

Out in Brooklyn, the comedian is partial to Park Slope.

"When I was little, I used to come into the city, go to Brooklyn and hang out in Park Slope with my camp friends who were there so it holds in my heart."

On her favorite NYC restaurants

"I love L'Artusi, Balthazar and Bite on Lafayette for a quick grab-and-go," reveals Brier. "Their schnitzel sandwich is one of my favorite sandwiches in the city [...] [alongside] the gourmet wraps from Wolfnights. I'm obsessed with them."

The social media personality also calls out San Marino in Soho, a restaurant that "has all the elements of a fancy Italian eatery but it's low-key and really accessible."

When asked about her haunts out in Brooklyn, Brier is quick to mention a hibiscus drink served at Bagel Point in Greenpoint.

"I have no idea if they make them in-house or it's a generic mix but, to me, they're amazing," she says.

On her top going-out spots in NYC

"I used to go dancing at Stonewall Inn, I like the classic West Village spots," mentions Brier. "I also like going to The Spaniard to sit outside and have spicy margaritas and mussels."

On her go-to comedy clubs in NYC

Broaching the topic of comedy in New York, Brier gets giddy with excitement and immediately calls out the "big three" in the Park Slope/Gowanus neighborhoods: Littlefield, The Bell House and Union Hall.

"I have a particular affinity Union Hall as it is where I've chosen to perform the 'Sabrina Brier & Friends' comedy shows I've done in New York," she explains. "I just love it there: the energy when you're on stage and even when the gig ends, when you go upstairs. It's a landing spot for all the comics to get together, chat and hang out into the night."

The Brooklyn Comedy Collective also earns the comedian's praise.

On where she shoots her social media videos locally

"Sometimes, I am in an area that is very industrial with a lot of scaffolding and I think it's a lot of fun to be somewhere that isn't so aesthetically pleasing but offers an interesting background," she says before specifically mentioning Minetta Lane, the quaint, historical, tiny stretch of city around MacDougal Street.

"I have used that location for content a lot, including for one of my main, original videos," she says. "Every time I walk by, I feel nostalgic."

On what she would tell up-and-coming comedians

"A piece of advice I have is that whatever comedy excites you—lie, improv, digital—is the comedy you should do," Brier advises matter-of-factly. "You should do what you think is funny and what you want to consume and not just what others do. There are so many paths so start to hone in on what you really think is funny and bring that authenticity with you."

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