Dozens of Boston Terriers will soon descend upon Washington Square Park

For National Boston Terrier Day, obviously.

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Ian Kumamoto
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Boston Terriers playing in park
NYC Boston Terriers

If you're a Boston Terrier aficionado, then you probably already knew about National Boston Terrier Day. If you didn't, consider this a chance to redeem yourself: Dozens of Boston Terriers are expected to descend upon Washington Square Park for the second celebration of this obscure-but-important holiday on February 17 at 1pm.

The gathering is organized by NYC Boston Terriers, an aptly-named group of Boston Terrier owners who meet every month, but this, of course, is the crown jewel of all their meetups. Last year, more than 100 Boston Terriers attended the event, and turnout is expected to be even bigger this year. 

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If you don't get what all the hype is about, here a reason to love Boston Terriers: Their nickname is "The American Gentleman" because they have "impeccable manners," according to the American Kennel Club. The black and white coat of some variations of the breed makes them look like they're wearing a tuxedo, as if they're adorably going to the opera for a night out.

A pet photographer will be present at the event, and treats and will be distributed to Boston Terriers in attendance. 

A large group of people with their dogs.
Photograph: Courtesy of NYC Boston Terriers

Considering that dogs in New York are reported to be the most spoiled in the entire country, this event ought to draw a crowd. In New York, 40% of respondents in a recent survey revealed that they have spent more money on their furry friends than they have on a significant other. And a whopping 55% of New Yorkers also said that they throw more cash at their pet's health and grooming services than their own. So you can expect these terriers to be looking fly and fresh.

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