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Exclusive: Here’s the official venue list for SantaCon 2018 in NYC

Written by
Jennifer Picht

You better watch out, you better not cry. That’s right, New York: The red suits are coming!

During SantaCon 2018, an army of jolly Kris Kringles, on a mission to fill out their costume with a beer belly, will frolic around Manhattan for a day of festive revelry.

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The event returns this weekend on Saturday, December 8, and we got an exclusive first look at the full venue list (more than 60 spots total) where Kris Kringle, Mrs. Claus, gingerbread men, snow pals and other Christmas-themed characters are welcome.

Don’t be fooled by the other imposter SantaCons you may see online. This is the original, and it’s the only one (that we know of) that uses its proceeds to give back to charity. 'Tis the season for giving back, after all. 

The official website to sign up for the experience is Most of the venues are free to enter with no cover charge. Only the special venues (noted below) require a $12 (tax-deductible) donation, as they are larger and offer additional perks such as a DJ, holiday decorations, etc. For those spots, participants are given a snazzy SantaCon pendant to get through the doors. Without further ado, here's where to go (or spots to avoid, if you’re feeling Grinchy.) 

Special Santa Venues 

Sony Hall Santa Spectacular (235 W 46th St) 
The Ainsworth East (45 E 33rd St) 
SOLAS (232 E 9th St) 
230 Fifth Ave (230 5th Ave) 
Clinton Hall 36 (16 W 36th St) 
TAJ II (48 W 21st St) 
SideBAR (118 E 15th St) 
Slate NY (54 W 21st St) 
Local NYC (W 33St & 8th Ave) 
The Ainsworth Chelsea (122 W 26th St) 
Lucy's Cantina Royal (34th St and 8th) 
The Tailor (505 8th Ave) 
Doux (59 W 21st St) 
The VNYL (100 3rd Ave) 
The Liberty (29 W 35th St) 
The Pennsy (2 Penn Plaza) 
5th and Mad (7 E 36th St) 

East Village Venues 

Phoenix Bar (447 E 13th St) 
Nowhere Bar (322 E 14th St) 
Doc Holliday's (141 Ave A) 
Pink's (242 E 10th St) 
Professor Thom's (219 2nd Ave) 
Plug Uglies (256 3rd Ave) 
Crocodile Lounge (325 E 14th St) 
Coyote Ugly (153 1st Ave) 
Vazac Horseshoe Bar (108 Ave B) 
Juke Bar (196 2nd Ave) 
Central Bar (109 E 9th St) 
The Continental (25 3rd Ave) 
Finnerty's (221 2nd Ave) 
Machos NYC (118A E 15th St) 

Midtown Venues

Stout Grand Central (60 E 41st St) 
Blarney Stone (410 8th Ave) 
Rattle 'n Hum West (309 W 39th St) 
Feile (131 W 33rd St) 
Stout NYC-Flagship (133 W 33rd St) 
Bounce Sporting Club (55 W 21st St) 
Brother Jimmy's BBQ (416 8th Ave) 
Pennsylvania 6 (132 W 31st St) 
Brother Jimmy's (181 Lexington Ave) 
Blarney Rock (137 W 33rd St) 
The Australian Bar (20 W 38th St) 
American Whiskey (247 W 30th St) 
Tempest (407 8th Ave) 
Foleys NY (18 W 33rd St) 
The Storehouse (69 W 23rd St) 
Jack Doyle's (240 W 35th St) 
John Sullivan's (210 W 35th St) 
Rick's Cabaret (48 W 33rd St) 
Hoops Cabaret (50 W 33rd St) 
Slattery's Midtown (8 E 36th St) 
American Hall (29 W 36th St) 
The Hog Pit (37 W 26th St) 
Public House NYC (140 E 41st St) 
Peter Dillon's Pub (2 E 36th St) 
Beer Authority (300 W 30th St) 
Dewey's Pub (135 W 30th St) 
Reichenbach Beer Hall (5 W 37th St) 
The Keg Room NYC (53 W 36th St) 
Playwright Irish Pub (27 W 35th St) 
Karaoke City (22 W 32nd St) 
Mustang Harry's (352 7th Ave) 
Stone Creek Lounge (140 E 27th St) 
Legends (6 W 33rd St) 

The event kicks off at 10am. (What? You can’t properly day drink unless you start early.) But if you're traveling from out of town, you won't be able to pregame or keep the party going while you ride the LIRR or Metro-North. The MTA released a 24-hour alcohol ban for the event to ensure everyone's safety. It begins at noon on December 8 and lasts through noon on December 9. Don't be naughty! 

Keep your eyes on the @Santacon Twitter page for more updates and news day of. Just text follow @santacon to 40404, but make sure your phone number is associated with your Twitter account for this to work.  

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