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SantaCon 2013 invades NYC
Photograph: Grace ChuSantaCon 2013 invades NYC

SantaCon NYC 2023 Guide: Everything you need to know

Here’s everything you need to know about SantaCon NYC 2023—Gotham’s wildest Christmas event.

Shaye Weaver
Written by
Shaye Weaver

No matter which side of it you fall on, the most festive drinking event in Gotham has to be SantaCon NYC.

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What is SantaCon?

Hordes dress up as Christmas characters from gingerbread cookies and reindeer, but of course, Kris Kringle is the most popular choice of those who attend the boozy crawl to some of the best bars in NYC. In the past, some bars have banned dressed-up folks, so your best bet is to stick to the organizer’s map to have a jolly time.

This is certainly one of the most popular (and despised) NYC events in December, and for some, one of the best things to do around Christmas, so try to avoid acting like a bad Santa. The creators just want the affair to be safe and fun for everyone involved. (That means no drunk ice-skating, got it?) Obviously, only elves who are 21 and older can participate. For more information, read our guide to SantaCon NYC 2023 below.

When is SantaCon NYC 2023?

SantaCon NYC is usually on the second Saturday in December. In this case, Saturday, December 9, at 10am.

Where is SantaCon NYC 2023?

SantaCon NYC usually invades bars all over midtown. Typically around 65 bars, clubs and venues participate.

This year, most of the action takes place in midtown but does trickle downtown diagonally into the East Village.

How do I join SantaCon NYC 2023?

For more information, visit SANTACON.NYC and RSVP on Facebook. You can also donate to the organizer's charitable causes hereMost of the venues are free to enter with no cover charge. Only the special venues require a $15 (tax-deductible) donation, as they are larger and offer additional perks such as a DJ, holiday decorations, etc. For those spots, participants are given a snazzy SantaCon pendant to get through the doors.

Download the SantaCon app here for a full map and more.

Tips for attending SantaCon

Bring cash, your ID and a charged phone (or at least a battery pack) so you can keep partying through the day. And respect the space of those not participating in the event. Enjoy!