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Governor Cuomo should know better than to mess with Miranda Hobbes

Written by
Clayton Guse

Earlier this week, news broke that actor Cynthia Nixon had spoken with veteran political operatives and would potentially challenge Governor Andrew Cuomo in the upcoming New York Democratic primary. In a call with reporters on Wednesday, the governor scoffed at Nixon’s potential candidacy, mocking her celebrity status and adding that Mayor Bill de Blasio or Russian President Vladimir Putin may be behind her decision to run. 

Nixon has reportedly been mulling a run for governor as far back as last August. Aside from her iconic role as Miranda Hobbes on Sex and the City and her work as a Tony Awardwinning Broadway actor, she’s become known as an outspoken political activist and a grassroots organizer. She gave a riveting speech at an LGBTQ Solidarity rally outside of the Stonewall Inn last February and in 2014 was appointed by De Blasio to an advisory board for the Mayor’s Fund to Advance New York City, a nonprofit that aims to foster community development across the five boroughs. 

Cuomo’s off-the-cuff comments are what one might expect from a seasoned politician who is fending off a potential political rival, and the whole ordeal reflects a broader sense that the governor is out of touch with a growing left-wing Democratic base. But he failed to remember a truth that's been core to New York City for nearly 20 years: You do not fuck with Miranda Hobbes. 

Miranda Hobbes was the sole shining light of wisdom throughout Sex and the City’s six seasons and two spin-off feature films. 

Miranda Hobbes is a lawyer and a mother and she is not going to hear any of your negativity, Charlotte

Miranda Hobbes moved to Brooklyn to live with Steve Brady, a simple bartender with a love of basketball, and refused to put up with his shit when he cheated on her.

Miranda Hobbes does not stand for outdated moralistic values, even when they come from housekeepers and care providers.

Miranda Hobbes gave her son his father’s last name as his first name because she doesn’t give a flying fuck if you’re confused.

Miranda Hobbes is not afraid of large cookies.

Miranda Hobbes was 100 percent correct about Carrie’s shortsighted decision to move to Paris, and Carrie should have listened, goddamn it.

Miranda Hobbes is the friend every New Yorker dreams of, and the good people of this city will not stand for Cuomo’s insolence toward the actor who brought the character to life.

To be clear, we’re well aware that Miranda is in fact a fictional character, and any similarities between Nixon and Hobbes are coincidental. That said, if she does decide to challenge Cuomo for his seat, it ought to make for a very, very intriguing Democratic primary come June.  

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