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Courtesy CC/Flickr/Kohei Kanno

Have your wish rain down with the confetti in Times Square on New Year's Eve
Written by
Adam Goldman

Shred your hopes and dreams, 2020 is almost here! That's the pitch for the New Year's Eve Wishing Wall, a tradition that I've just now learned about that promises to make your wish a part of New York's famous ball-drop. Honestly it sounds kind of grim to me, but follow your bliss!

It's a well-known fact that hanging out in Times Square on New Years Eve is a thing you only do if you really, truly hate yourself. But if you're only sort of mad at yourself, you can still participate without waiting in the cold for ten hours in a diaper. How? By submitting your wish for the new year to the Wishing Wall. Your wish will be "included" (vague!) on the Wish Wall in Times Square and dumped with over a ton of confetti on a freezing crowd when the clock strikes midnight on December 31.

Wishes that don't get stuck in someone's hair to be washed out in the shower will be swept into New York's luxurious sewer system or collected by our hard-working street cleaners. What fate awaits your heart's desire after that? Who knows! I guess it'll wind up in a landfill or get recycled into more confetti for next year's celebration. Just a tiny piece of paper representing your fondest wish, shredded and reconstituted again and again, falling forever in the cold. Happy new year!

You can submit your wish to the infinite purgatory of the Wish Wall in person in Times Square or online by using the hashtag #ConfettiWish on Twitter or Instagram.

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