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Here’s where to recycle your solar eclipse glasses in NYC after April 8

You won’t need to use them again in NYC.

Shaye Weaver
Written by
Shaye Weaver

The solar eclipse is such a big moment—it won’t happen in New York for another 50 years—that we’re all clearing our schedules and buying eclipse glasses in preparation.

But what should we do with our eclipse glasses after the big event? Do we keep them as a memento or throw them out? Here’s an idea: recycle them or donate them!

Here’s how.

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The frames of your eclipse glasses are either rigid plastic or cardboard, so the frames can be discarded in your normal recycling (separated into plastics or papers).

The lenses, however, are made of black polymer or resin infused with carbon particles (which blocks nearly all visible, infrared and ultraviolet light), so do not try to recycle them. Instead, cut or punch out the lenses from the frames and place them in a bag to throw them in the general waste, says.

Some camera stores recycle film, so you could call one and see if they would take that type of film.

The best idea, however, is to donate them.

Collection centers in NYC to recycle your eclipse glasses:

Astronomers Without Borders, a non-profit organization, is also running an eclipse glasses recycling drive and has called for new collection centers that would box and ship the used glasses after the eclipse. After 2017’s eclipse, the organization took millions of donated glasses and sent them to South America, Asia, Africa and South America for use in their respective celestial events.

Warby Parker, which gave out free glasses, is taking back glasses to send to Astronomers Without Borders.

You can also donate them to Eclipse Glasses USA through August 1. They’ll send them to schools in Latin America for the October eclipse.

Send them to:

Eclipse Glasses USA, LLC
P.O. Box 50571
Provo, UT 84605

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