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Chip City
Chip City

Indulge your inner child with a new Rugrats jumbo cookie

Chip City is celebrating Rugrats turning 30!

Written by
Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

Anything Nickelodeon-inspired is pretty much guaranteed to add a little joy to your day, and this oversized treat is no exception.

Chip City, the ooey-gooey cookie purveyor known for jumbo cookies with eclectic flavors, and Rugrats, the animated series about precocious toddlers that pretty much every Millennial grew up on, have collaborated on a brand new cookie. 

In honor of Rugrats’ 30th anniversary (feel old yet?), Chip City has created Angelica’s Sweet & Sassy Surprise. 

Inspired by the one and only, Angelica Pickles, Angelica’s Sweet & Sassy Surprise is a funfetti cookie worthy of only the brattiest of older sisters (or well, anyone who wants to indulge in this treat). Just like Angelica, the cookie’s exterior is cute and sweet, but when you break one open, you’ll be surprised with an extra chocolate chip cookie inside. The cookies was designed to reflect Angelica’s sneaky, mischievous side and represent her deep love for chocolate chip cookies. Angelica is known to play tricks on the Rugrats crew, and Chip City's cookie is no exception.

The cookie will be available starting Monday, October 18, and will rotate throughout the menu at all eight Chip City locations through Sunday, November 14.

The original Rugrats series launched in August 1991 on Nickelodeon and was in production for nine seasons over 13 years. This year, the series celebrates its 30th Anniversary and the launch of an all-new series, Rugrats on Paramount+, which has already been renewed for a second season. Indulge your inner child with a binge-watch and stuffing your face with cookies. You deserve it. 

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