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New Flatiron studio offers group fitness classes inside a giant fridge

Will Gleason

A new boutique fitness studio opening in Flatiron Tuesday offers some pretty cool workouts.

Brrrn has a three-tier group exercise program that, at first glance, may look similar to the classes you’d find at other studios in the city. There’s a yoga-inspired movement series, a core and cardio slide board series (which is very fun) and a battle rope infused HIT series. The difference? They all take place in a room that’s kept between 45 and 60 degrees. Finally, a group fitness experience the Snow Miser can enjoy.

We stopped by for a preview last week to try the coldest class being offered, the HIT series that takes place in a room kept at a certifiably chilly 45 degrees. After changing in the locker room, we were led through a large door modeled after a walk-in freezer that definitely didn’t trigger any past trauma resulting from years of working in the restaurant industry. Inside, the room felt cold but still warmer than it’s been outside the last few weeks. A long sleeve shirt and pants more than sufficed, especially once the class began.

The workout, which is referred to as the “third-degree burn,” involved alternating between completing a series of movements with free weights and waving giant ropes around on the ground like kindergarteners at a vocational school for longshoreman. By the end of the 45-minute session, the room didn’t only not feel that cold, but the temperature felt perfect. It was definitely a nice change to end a workout feeling like you just burrrned a lot of calories, but not like your body's an overheated jalopy on its last mile.

In addition to the cool-climate workouts, the studio also has a sauna that warms your body with soothing, color-changing infrared light. (It kind of feels like sitting inside of one of those pod-like personal humidifiers.) You can book a 40-minute sauna session after your workout to come back in from the cold, improve your blood circulation and soothe your aching muscles, which now basically belong to a Winter Olympian.

You can find out more information on the studio’s official site about all their classes and more on some of the health benefits of working out in a room where it’s always November.

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