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New York City’s heat wave may be over soon

The heat is becoming unbearable in NYC.

Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner
Written by
Melissa Kravitz Hoeffner

There’s one singular question on every New Yorker’s mind: When will the heat wave end? We may have an answer.

This historic heat wave, defined by a seven day stretch of temperatures in the 90s and above with an exorbitant amount of humidity thrown in, is becoming truly unbearable, drastically impacting the quality of life for New Yorkers around the city. The heat wave shortened the triathalon. Kids are just playing with ice in preschool. Someone, unfortunately, died due to excessive heat exposure. The sweltering conditions are rough, but relief is imminent.

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Just like Beanie Feldstein’s time headlining the Funny Girl Broadway revival, this heat wave, is about to wrap up (or at least take a very welcome intermission). Daytime temperatures in the mid-80s are predicted for the rest of the week, and even early into the following week.

Thanks to some expected thunderstorms on Monday, July 25, temperatures will even drop to the mid-70s at night, and evenings will continue to be this cool in the foreseeable future. Finally, some relief! We can safely be outdoors again, and enjoy ice cream before it becomes a soupy puddle in our hands! Keep hydrating though, it is still New York City summer after all. May your Con Ed bill see some relief by Tuesday. 

Thankfully, the Farmers’ Almanac has promised that the worst of the heat should be over by mid-August.

Before the heat breaks though, cooling centers are still open across the city, for anyone who needs an escape from the hot weather and humidity. 

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