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Terror: Live the Nightmare
Photograph: Hal Schulman / Terror 2023

New York City’s largest haunted house is about to open in Times Square

Hollywood’s best makeup and special effects artists will transform the cast into terrifying creatures nightly.

Shaye Weaver
Written by
Shaye Weaver

Times Square is a nightmare for so many of us already (cue the unkempt Elmos and the smelly, zombie-like crowds), but starting this month, it’ll become even more terrifying.

Starting September 14, “Horrorwood Studios” opens its freakish doors in Times Square at 300 West 43rd Street for a spooky season of “heart-pounding” immersive experiences from artistic directors Will Munro and Katie McGeoch (the duo has spent more than two decades as the heads of Six Flags’ Fright Fest). Dubbed “TerrorVision - Live Screaming Your Nightmares,” you’ll live out your Samara dreams and step through a flickering TV screen into a horrible scene.

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Filled with 140 actors across 20,000 square feet, what could be the largest haunted house in NYC, you’ll enter under the guise that you’re behind the scenes at the filming of an upcoming TerrorVision Halloween episode. “As things go terribly awry, the screen shatters and guests are suddenly cast as the unwitting new star, forced to face three tales of terror with each manifesting as an immersive walk through haunted house style experience, overflowing with gruesome creatures and movie magic special effects.”

Executive Producer Dalton M. Dale says they’ve hired Hollywood’s best makeup and special effects artists who will transform the cast into terrifying creatures nightly.

It sounds intense. According to organizers, the space will contain snow, wind, giant creatures and “seemingly impossible effects constantly happening all around,” in this nightmare world. Did Times Square really need this?

“TerrorVision is truly scary and not for the faint of heart,” Munro and McGeoch said in a statement. “When you step into TerrorVision, you’re entering a world set in 1980—at the height of the slasher genre, when classic horror movies like The Exorcist, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, and Poltergeist were dominating the box office. This year’s show is a complete homage to the 1980’s horror craze and we want our guests to feel like they are stepping into the screen and onto a movie set. Our audiences aren’t going to know what hit them.”

If you have any doubt it’ll be the scariest thing to see this year, the production first premiered last year as NYC’s largest haunted house, “BEDLAM,” in the former Ripley’s Believe it or Not and sold more than 20,000 tickets, running for 19 days.

Tickets, which are $39 per person, can be purchased at, with early bird pricing available until September 19. Don’t even think about it for kids 13 and under!

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