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New York is legalizing beer ice cream even though it’s already legal

Written by
Alyson Penn

You probably heard the little rumor that New York City may finally be getting beer ice cream. According to a recent bill just passed by the New York State Legislature, beer and cider ice cream will be legal in the state once Governor Cuomo signs it into law, which will most likely happen. 

Halleluj—wait a second, didn't we already have beer ice cream? Uh, well, yes.

Ever been to Tipsy Scoop? Yeah, it's not hard to guess what its elevator pitch is. On its boozy ice cream menu you'll find the Chocolate Stout and Salty Pretzel flavor. Not to mention, we wrote a whole article last year about beer ice cream in NYC

So, what gives? Well, apparently if a food product has an alcoholic volume of 5 percent or less, then it was up to the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau to approve the product, not the New York State Liquor Authority.

Now, the state realizes people want their beer ice cream, and they want it now. The sale of wine ice cream was already made legal 10 years ago in 2008, so it only makes sense for the local government to regulate beer and hard cider scoops, as well. Of course, no one under 21 can consume and there must be a bunch of labels and warning statements, but it sounds like not much else will change.

Melissa Tavss, the owner of Tipsy Scoop, says she has plans for a cider flavor in the fall, and they "always do something seasonal and beer-infused for Oktoberfest."

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