New Yorkers are planning a citywide clap for essential workers to happen every Friday

Shaye Weaver
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Shaye Weaver
Editor, Time Out New York
Photograph: Courtesy Charissa Fay

New Yorkers want to keep the gratitude flowing.

Last Friday, in an uplifting display of support and gratitude, people across New York City took to their windows and balconies to clap and whistle for two minutes in support of the healthcare workers.

Karla Otto, international public relations agency that led the initial round of applause is asking people to do it again each Friday night at 7pm, and document it using the hashtag #ClapBecauseWeCare.

New Yorkers are encouraged to once again give doctors, nurses, healthcare workers, grocery store workers, restaurant workers, truck drivers, sanitation workers, friends, neighbors and colleagues a two-minute round of applause for their essential work.

Some have been doing it each night, but the push now is to have a really big clap each Friday.

"We are so glad to see this has become a nightly occurrence for some in the city, but still want to make this Friday, and hopefully every Friday, the biggest and loudest one yet," Sophie Russell, the company's vice president, said in an email.

If you need some inspiration, check out how it was done last week in our roundup of the heartwarming gesture.

Will you participate? Send us clips of your neighborhood doing it!

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