New Yorkers can now get plants delivered to their door with just a $10 delivery fee

Let Juanita's Plants handle the greenhouse visit for you.

Rossilynne Skena Culgan
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A woman cares for a plant.
Photograph: By Riley Snyder / Courtesy of Juanita's Plants

As a plant lover herself, Kat Hernandez wanted to share the benefits of plants with everyone. So she created Juanita's Plants, which delivers a variety of fresh houseplants to your door. Don't worry if you're intimidated by plants because Hernandez is happy to lend her green thumb to share tips and tricks. 

Hernandez says the shop, which is named after her late grandmother Juanita Campusano, is the first Black woman-owned plant delivery service in NYC.

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Here's how it works: You can check out the options on Juanita's Plants website, everything from pothos to jade to peace lilies ranging in price from $15 to $90. On the site, plants are broken down into categories, like beginner plants, pet-friendly plants and trailing plants. Once you make your selection, add your delivery address and the $10 delivery fee for any address in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and The Bronx. The plant will show up at you door in two to five business days. 

A woman holds a plant.
Photograph: Courtesy of Juanita's Plants

Your plant will arrive in a plastic grower's pot. The shop has a few pots you can order and, in the future, Hernandez hopes to offer more ceramic pot options.

Juanita's Plants works closely with greenhouses in the city to source plants. The team carefully inspects each option to make sure it's healthy and ready for delivery. As the business grows, Hernandez hopes to diversify the garden space even further, noting that she's sometimes the only person of color at greenhouses.

"I would just love all peoples of all different backgrounds to love plants, learn about plants and support me," she said. 

I would just love all peoples of all different backgrounds to love plants.

The business idea came about during the height of the pandemic. Hernandez had one plant she wanted to sell, so she listed it on Facebook Marketplace to see if there was any interest. When more than 30 people responded with interest about just one item, she knew she was onto something.

"I did not know there was this much demand, at least during that time, for plants," she said. "You're bringing smiles to people’s faces in a hard time. I felt like I was fulfilling something I wanted to do."

A succulent plant in a green pot.
Photograph: By Heidi Lee / Courtesy of Juanita's Plants

In addition to her grandmother, the business' namesake, Hernandez credits her mother for instilling in her a green thumb. Plus, the lifelong New Yorker has closely researched plants and the concept of biophilia (a.k.a. the human desire to connect with nature).

"Plenty of studies internationally have been done to show when people are around indoor plants, they’re more calm, their being improves," she said. "[Plants] actually improve your overall well being, creating a calming and peaceful space to be in, which your home should be."

She especially loves jade pothos, which she says make any space feel more vibrant and green, especially when they trail through a room. Better yet, she adds, they're a low-maintenance plant at an affordable price.

To make home gardening less intimidating, Juanita's Plants even offers plant care tips on its website, and Hernandez is happy to answer customers' questions about the subject.

"Plants are a positive thing," Hernandez said, "and I help people in a small way and I love plants."

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