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Photograph: Archer Lewis

New Yorkers share strong opinions on bodegas after Andrew Yang video goes viral

"I love bodegas."

Will Gleason
Written by
Will Gleason

Take a moment and picture a classic New York bodega.

There’s no way for us to know the exact image that popped into your head, but we can guess some of the broad outlines. There were probably lots of hand-written signs and potentially overflowing shelves of fruit just outside the door. Maybe, there was a cat. Or a display of sketchy pills and supplements. Or a loose cigarette. Eh? And a counter where you order the same wrap that’s also somehow different every time? Are we close?

One thing that’s certain is that it did not look like the (perfectly lovely) local gourmet deli that NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang stopped at to film a delightfully poorly executed short video in order to tout his New York bonafides. 

“Breakfast of champions, some green tea, a banana, how you doing bro,” Yang begins the video by saying before moving on to discussing the importance of bodegas to the city’s local economy. “I love bodegas,” he continues. “So we have to make sure they continue to stay open and do their thing.”

All very admirable sentiments but it’s not quite clear why Yang is discussing the importance of bodegas while standing in a deli and/or fancy gas station off I-87. Not surprisingly, #Bodegas began trending on twitter earlier today as New Yorkers began to weigh into the Bodega Discourse with their own thoughts on Yang’s video.

In any case, if all this talk has inspired anyone to get out there and support their local bodega, it’s probably for the best. Here are 15 bodegas in New York that we especially love.

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