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New Yorkers weren't thrilled with Trump calling NYC a "ghost town"

Many Gothamites were quick to rip into the President after last night's debate.
Written by
Will Gleason

The final debate before the upcoming presidential election took place in Nashville last night and was a far more sedate affair than the previous televised shouting match. Largely, that was thanks to the magic of mandatory muted mics. (Not to mention, an excellent moderator!)

Overall, there weren’t too many surprises from the night. Joe Biden made direct pleas to the country’s voters to restore the nation’s dignity and character and said “Oh, come on!” roughly 50–100 times. President Trump said coyotes brought children over the border, and that he’d be releasing his taxes very soon. Like, basically tomorrow. His printer just ran out of ink or something.

However, one unexpected moment did take place when the Floridian candidate for president brought up his former hometown of New York. Trump described the American city as a dying, ghost town being crushed under the weight of overpriced plexiglass dividers and full of empty streets. “If you go and look at what has happened to New York, it’s a ghost town. Take a look at what’s happening to New York. It’s dying,” said Trump. “For so many years, I loved it, it was vibrant. It’s dying, everyone’s leaving New York.” 

Not surprisingly, New Yorkers who have spent the last year doing everything they can to survive in this economy, and who have shown amazing ingenuity to adapt to our new reality of face masks and social distancing weren’t overly thrilled with the characterization. Many of them quickly took to Twitter to react.

The 2020 presidential election is set to take place on November 3, 2020. For those who have already voted, you can track your ballot here to make sure it’s counted.


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