Photos: The Bronx stairs made famous by The Joker are making a comeback in its DC sequel

Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix were recently filmed dancing and acting on the stairs.

Shaye Weaver
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Shaye Weaver
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Lady Gaga on the Bronx staircase filming Joker
Photograph: Gabrielle Beaumont

The Joker has struck the Bronx once again!

Over the weekend, Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix were spotted filming scenes for The Joker 2, Folie à Deux, on the steep Bronx staircase the franchise made famous in 2019.

In The Joker, Joaquin Phoenix as stand-up comedian Arthur Fleck struts down a set of steps in his descent to madness, thrusting his hips ”triumphantly as he celebrates his transition into the villainous Joker,” our writer Thomas Hobbs explained

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For Folie à Deux—set to release in 2024it looks like the stairs will be making a reappearance in a scene between Joker and his sidekick and occasional love interest Harley Quinn, played by Lady Gaga.

This weekend, the two were filming new scenes in full makeup, including one in which Lady Gaga sings and dances down the stairs

We’re sure the new movie will stir up some renewed interest in the stairs as a perfect photo opp for tourists and Joker fans. It got so busy there in 2019 after the original film debuted that Bronx residents complained about the influx of camera-toting fans and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez spoke with TMZ to try to get people to stop coming.

That being said, if you want to know where the stairs are, you’ll need to head to the Bronx neighborhood of Highbridge. The passageway in the film connects two avenues, Shakespeare and Anderson, and runs along W 167th St. If you type “1170 Shakespeare Ave“ into Google Maps, that’ll get you pretty close.

The staircase isn’t the only spot Folie à Deux has been filming at. Photos of Lady Gaga as Harley Quinn climbing and descending the stairs at the New York County Supreme Court house have been circulating as well!

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