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Rat on your landlord if the snow in front of your building isn't cleared by now

Written by
Clayton Guse

Thursday’s “bomb cyclone” walloped New York City, dumping more than a foot of snow in areas across the five boroughs. Damage from the storm was minimal, but streets and sidewalks across town were left slick and snow-covered on Friday. If you did happen to encounter a city sidewalk covered in snow or slush today, it is your public duty to tattletale (yes, like a second-grader) on the responsible party. 

When a snowfall ends between 5pm and 8:59pm, as it did Thursday night, property owners have 14 hours to remove snow and ice on sidewalks that accumulates in front of their buildings to create a path for pedestrians. Landlords are also responsible for clearing areas surrounding bus stops and fire hydrants in front of their properties. 

We, the good folks at Time Out, do not usually advocate for snitching, but slipping on snow or ice is a hazard that New Yorkers should not have to put up with. If you do see some problematic white stuff (snow, not cocaine) coating a stretch of sidewalk in the city, the city has a handy portal to help you report it. If you spot an uncleared sidewalk in front of a police station or a public school, you can call 311 directly to report the issue.

Snitches might get stitches, but so do people who crack their noodles after slipping on a patch of ice. Stay safe out there, fellow New Yorkers, and do not hesitate to report shady landlords

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