This interactive map defines NYC neighborhood borders

Can we now stop arguing about where Greenpoint ends and Williamsburg begins?

Anna Rahmanan
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Anna Rahmanan
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NYC neighborhoods
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Discussions about the precise borders of New York neighborhoods have been defining local conversations for years. Where does Dumbo stop and Vinegar Hill begin, for example? Is McCarren Park in Greenpoint or Williamsburg? How about Greenwich Village… does it encompass both West Houston and Bleecker or just one of the two streets?

A few Reddit users took the matter into their own hands by creating an interactive Google map that visually defines the borders of 282 neighborhoods across the city’s five boroughs. Check out their creation right here:

Reading through the 188 comments on the post proves to be just as enthralling as the map itself (which we honestly consider a feat of technical engineering). Some, for example, have taken to a deep dive of a relatively unknown neighborhood that the map’s creators dubbed the Hole and described as “fascinating” although “some may not consider it an independent [area].”

“Who has hopped on the A train to go check it out? Reveal yourselves,” writes a commenter. “It just needs a nice realtor name like ‘Lowland Heights,’” someone else responds.

User Pokebunny, a “lifelong Hell’s Kitchen resident,” takes issue with Hudson Yards, which he thinks should be considered its own neighborhood, and Pier 40, which he considers to be part of Greenwich Village or the West Village. “I would also definitely consider [the] West Village as a sub-neighborhood of Greenwich Village (East feels more like its own thing, though that could arguably be part of Greenwich Village too),” he continues.

What do you think?

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